Laurie McGaw’s 2011 Annual Portrait Painting Workshop

Laurie McGaw’s 2011 Annual Portrait Painting Workshop was held on a grey weekend in May one of the studios at the Guelph School of Music.  Several regulars from years gone by and a few new faces were in attendance.  Laurie did a demo on the Friday evening before the workshop that drew in some familiar faces from Elora.  I was able to make good start on my painting “Jewels Reclining” in the 2-days of the workshop and finished in my studio.  Laurie’s husband Ross Phillips made us a terrific dinner at the Phillips/McGaw home and we all had a chance to relax a bit.  We had a good group, good time, a great model, and did some good work.
That's Jewels our lovely model 2nd from the left in the back row. Lauie took this shot.
That's Laurie at the bottom right. Jewels took this shot.
My painting of Jewels.

Link to Laurie’s web site

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