Artist’s Statement

My artistic journey is a celebration of our magnificent landscape.


I grew up under the big skies of southern Saskatchewan, with its fertile prairies and endless horizon. I have lived and worked for more than four decades in rural Ontario, surrounded by a patchwork of compact fields, wood lots, rivers and lakes. These sights and sensations have inspired and infused themselves in my painting.

I try to capture the immediacy and intimacy I feel with the natural world and my sense of place within it. I trained and worked as an illustrator for half of my life. I paint now with oil on canvas, linen or wood surfaces that I prepare myself. This manual process is important to my creativity. I like to connect with the surfaces that will hold the images I want to re-create – those images, patterns, colours, and sensations that the world all around us inspire in me.

One thought on “Artist’s Statement

  1. Good morning Dick, Mike & I have both read your site this morning. It is very interesting and your work looks amazing. Great talent!! Jane Cullen

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