Sunday Afternoon With the VAM Show Jurors

On the afternoon of Sunday Jan. 22, I was among a group who had the opportunity to spend time with the jurors of the (VAM) 34th. Visual Arts Mississauga Show.   They were Art Green, Catherine Beaudette & April Hickox. Google them?

They did an absolutely bang up job jurying this show and yesterday Mr. Green and Ms. Beaudette did a 90 minute walk through of the show explaining their feelings about the pieces selected, and why they made the choices they did.  Ms. Hickox was unavailable yesterday. The event was attended by about 150 people, mainly artists whose work didn’t make it into the show. There were about 210 entries and 69 works were chosen for the show. It was by far the most insightful art appreciation experience I’ve ever had. Both Mr. Green and Ms. Beaudett were particularly eloquent and thoughtful in their critiques using knowledge, incite and humor to make their points.

The show was particularly well curated and curator Keeler  gave an explanation of why various works were grouped the way they were, and juxtaposed in the mounting of the show. Most interesting. It was a very credible experience.

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