West of Calgary Painting Commission

ImageWhile visiting and Plein Air Painting near Calgary last August I received a commission from Jack and Diane Avrill to paint one of the view from the back of their new home just “West of Calgary”. The landscape is beautiful rolling ranch land with the Mountains in the background. We are in the process of making plans to spend a good part of this coming summer in southern Alberta.

Daisy Mae, Jack Russel Terrier: 04.1998 to 02.2013

DaisyAfter a year of failing health following an unprovoked attack by an off lead German Shepherd in our local park my little painting companion took her leave from us quietly at home on Jan. 28,2013. Daisy travelled with us Plein Air painting from coast to coast in Canada. She chases shore birds on Vancouver Island, dug for gophers in Southern Saskatchewan, went whale watching of the coast of Nova Scotia and watched us get “Screeched In” in Newfoundland. After an hour or two of hunting, digging and chasing she would find the shade of my easel and doze for the remainder of the day only stirring to move back into the shade or I think, cast a slightly critical eye at my efforts. She will be missed.